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Spotlight on a product: Figs

This article was originally printed in Piko Wholefoods Co-operative newsletter, February 2001. Piko granted us permission to reproduce it for our newsletter. Thanks, Piko! Why are figs so good? Is…

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Ōtaki’s Sustainable Food Group

Ōtaki’s Sustainable Food Group is looking for people to help run its weekly Seasonal Surplus Food Stall. The stall sells produce to the public on the green area by the…

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The Dukes of Sandwich

Until very recently, The Dukes of Sandwich food truck was a familiar sight around Christchurch, but lucky old Wellington is the owner-operators’ new home. Laura and Rob trained as chefs.…

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Find out more about the co-op

Our very talented co-op member Reece made this fantastic video. Watch it to find out more about the co-op – where we’ve come from, why we began, and meet some…

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Volunteer discount

A reminder on how volunteer discount works. The week that you volunteer, you can take 5% per hour given (up to a maximum of 15%). To do this, place your…

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