Get to know our wonderful suppliers

Hebe Botanicals

I entered only knowing that they supply the coop with tasty coconut oil.  I left with some goodies and more knowledgeable on the products they sell and make.

Sandra & Steve were a delight to meet, passionate about creating solutions, as Steve said if we can’t make it better, we don’t make it, we are a natural products company, and do not use synthetics. Sandra described them as a marriage of the science man and the greenie, and they have been doing this for 16 years.

They started buying the coconut oil from a supplier in the Solomon Islands to help in the production of their dog shampoo, they felt it was such a superior quality that they would share it with others by selling it.

Hebe Botanicals, sell products from their factory on Riverbank Road, and you can also find them in health stores. They have a range of oils and soaps, plus pet shampoo, vanilla extract and stevia. Two new products are CB2 Joints for arthritis & CB2 Skin for dermatitis and eczema, more information on these are on their website.

Many thanks to Steve and Sandra for their time, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with them.

Written by Lorayne Baker

Local Suppliers

1. LovageLife (Plants)
2. Anita (Soap & felted goods)
3. CoralTree (Vinegar)
4. Hebe Botanicals (Coconut oil)
5. Te Horo Harvest (Perserves)
6. Windsor Park Orchard (Produce)
7. Common Property (Seedlings)
8. Kapiti Organics (Produce)
9. Peter Robson (Produce)
10. Prana Greens (Microgreens)
11. Apheleia (Skincare)
12. Reon’s Eggs (Eggs)
13. Applemedow (Produce)

National Suppliers

Fix and Fogg (Peanut butter)
Goodbuzz (Kombucha)
Soapberry Company (Soapnuts)
Wellness Ltd (Essential oils)
Fresh Direct (Produce)
Palmerston North
Denver Feed Stock (Chicken feed)
Hawkes Bay
Chantals (Butter)
Hohepa (Cheese)
Ceres (Dry goods)
Ecostore (Cleaning products)
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Mister Chai (Tea)