DreamCatcher is a nonprofit foods co-operative established in 2014

The DreamCatcher Co-op is based at Windsor Park, Te Horo. We purchase produce and dry goods from both Kāpiti and national suppliers, prioritising local, organic, spray-free, and/or fair trade.

To join the co-op, there is a non-refundable fee of $20 per household or $40 for a business. After that, you just pay for the food you buy. You can order as frequently or infrequently as you like. Every member volunteers a small amount of time to keep things ticking over, find out more about that here. Download this PDF for more info, or if you would like to join please get in touch.

Weekly timeline

Place your order online between 6pm Friday and 9pm Sunday.

Orders are packed by volunteers.

Members collect their box from Windsor Park between 3-6pm. Wait for the email invoice you’ll receive at 7pm, then let us know if anything doesn’t match up.


How to order

We use an online system called Lettuceshare for placing orders. If you need support, we can help you while you learn how to use it. Once you join the co-op, you’ll be given a username and password so you can log in to Lettuceshare and place orders.